Why AfterTry


Consumers love buying hugely discounted products and services. That is the reason why Daily Deal websites have been very popular. However, in the recent years Daily Deal websites have lost some of their appeal among businesses and consumers respectively. This loss of interest was triggered due to the shortcomings and flaws existing within the Daily Deal business model.

The biggest flaw of Daily Deal websites is that they attract too many "Deal-Hunters". They exploit Daily Deal offers by going to a business once and never going back. Some deal hunters don't like to pay the full retail price. The next time they plan to go to a similar type business they will find another deal. Also higher-end venues are out of the price range of many deal hunters, and it is only with these deals that they can afford them; thus they will never go back again.


AfterTry is creating a new and compelling way for merchants to attract new customers. We help merchants by bringing in thousands of new customers, in a similar fashion to Daily Deal websites. However, AfterTry does NOT have the shortcomings of Daily Deal websites. As a result, local merchants can expect to receive same benefits they were hoping to get from Daily Deal websites minus their shortcomings.

Unlike Daily Deal websites, AfterTry does not attract deal-hunters. With our unique business model we attract mostly high-quality shoppers, those whom we label “Natural-Shoppers”. These type of shoppers value good service and experience over saving a few bucks. We are able to attract “Natural Shoppers” because these people are already customers of another business, where they have paid full retail price. We know who these customers are through our other marketing campaigns, and then we will refer to you.


These days shoppers are smart. They simply don’t trust advertisements anymore. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising annually, but majority of buyers will still always check the ratings and reviews of products before making a purchase decision.

For a business, it is essential to leverage the marketing power of consumer reviews. This is possible by having a large set of accurate customer reviews on the internet in order to accurately show the value of one's product or service. Having no or very few ratings and reviews can mean too many business launches to fail, reputations taking too long to build, and sales remaining lackluster because no one wants to give a product a chance.


Each year thousands of new small businesses open and millions of new products enter the market, but only a fraction of them get enough consumer reviews for the reviews to be considered accurate. Most businesses have a different set of ratings and reviews on different review websites and mobile apps. Furthermore, It could take months or years before substantial number of reviews get submitted.

Companies have always known the positive effects the consumer product ratings and reviews have on their business performance, but since the review process has been done voluntary, they have been at the mercy of their customers. Companies have no control over the number of reviews, or how often consumers submit them. At the same time, businesses cannot directly incentivize consumers to collect reviews as this would create a conflict of interest, which could lead to inherent bias.


AfterTry is transforming the traditional consumer ratings and reviews into a new powerful marketing tool. AfterTry helps businesses of all sizes collect thousands of customer reviews that are high quality and unbiased in a short amount of time. Reviews are genuine and authentic because they are collected directly from a business's own customers.

AfterTry is an open platform, in which it acts as a central rating and review provider. First, the collected reviews are displayed on AfterTry's website and mobile app. Second, the collected data will be available to other review platform so that, potentially*, the same "review set" could be displayed to the public no matter where people choose to do their research (our network of partner review platforms is always growing).

  • Independent and unbiased

    We are an independent agency running marketing campaigns for businesses. This independence is important because it enables us to collect unbiased information without a conflict of interest or any perceived “hidden agenda”.


    • We are not affiliated with any company or product.
    • We do not make recommendations or otherwise represent the client company in any way.
    • We are not compensated based on collecting “positive” reviews. We charge clients based on the total number of deals or reviews


    • We do not filter negative reviews. Every rating and review counts.
    • We guarantee consumer feedback compensation regardless whether they are positive or negative.
  • Engage with Natural Buyers

    Current problem with Daily Deal websites is that they attracts a lot of “deal hunters”, those whom buy the hugely discounted deals once and will never go back again to pay a full price. These type of shoppers are not good for your business.
    In contrast, AfterTry mostly attracts natural shoppers, those whom value good service and experience over saving a few buck. AfterTry is able to attract this type of shoppers because the customers that AfterTry brings to your door are those who have already paid a full price at another business.

    Another problem with Daily Deal websites is that the current customer of a business can also buy the deals as well. In fact, a large portion of the so called “new” customers are actually a business’s current customers.
    In contrast, AfterTry brings you customers that mainly are not your current customers.

  • Real Buyers, Real Reviews

    By working directly with merchants, AfterTry authenticates customers transaction, which will guarantee that the collected reviews are submitted by genuine buyers. This authentication process prevents random people, whom never been to your business, from submitting false reviews about your business.

  • Flexible and Affordable

    Predefined Budget
    Set a budget! You can decide how many new customers you want to bring to your store, and also how many reviews you would like to be collected.

    Easy to Try
    You are not billed until we have collected customer reviews for you, or we have sent customers to your door. So, you have nothing to lose to try our service!

    There are no limits on how often and how many times you would want to try our services.

    Flexible Length
    You can adjust the length of the campaigns to better suit your marketing plans.

  • Better Sales

    Get Thousands of New Customers
    We help your business get discovered, and we will deliver thousands of new High-Quality customers to your door.

    Prove You Are Worth it
    Life is too short to waste one’s time doing business with a bad or mediocre business. Consumers these days, with the internet at their fingertips, check reviews of businesses before doing business with them. As a merchant, you need to show people that you are worth it. When you have many Quality Reviews & Accurate Ratings attached to your business, it shows people firm proof about the real value of your offering. We will help you by collecting thousands of authentic and unbiased reviews from your own current customers.

  • Reduce Costs

    Replace Traditional Advertising
    These days shoppers are smart. They simply don’t trust advertisements anymore. Instead, consumers check ratings and reviews of businesses and products before making a purchase decision. So, why spend money on traditional ads knowing consumers will ignore them?

    More Effective Than Traditional Advertising
    With traditional advertising the larger the target audience you want to cover, the more you have to pay. Compare that with the power of consumer reviews where one positive review can influence thousand of people.

    Never-ending Marketing
    Let the reviews from consumers do the marketing for you. Traditional advertising lasts for the length of a campaign. On the other hand, consumer reviews will last for many years.

  • Better Success

    Launch With More Success
    New businesses are at an inherent disadvantage because they have no preexisting “brand reputation”. AfterTry enables you to gain a good reputation as quickly as possible, and thus giving your business the best possible chance to succeed.

    Increase Your Business Success Rate
    50% of new small businesses fail within 5 years. Mostly because they don’t acquire enough customers to sustain the overhead. AfterTry can help you by 1) bringing new customers to your door with the Deal Campaign 2) showcasing your reputation on review websites and Apps with the Review Campaign.

    Make a Great First Impression
    Most often you only get one chance to impress. Don’t let inaccurate and a few bad ratings and reviews leave a negative long-lasting impression on people that are learning about your brand for the first time. In these situations many people will not even give your business a chance to prove itself. AfterTry will help by collecting a large set of reviews will offset the few negative reviews you already have.

  • Business Awareness

    Establish Reputation Quickly
    Generally, it takes years to establish one’s reputation because the word-of-mouth takes long to spread. However, the word-of-mouth generated on the internet and the social media can drastically speed up the process. AfterTry will help you collect thousands of consumer reviews within a short period of time and spread them across review websites and apps.

    Increase Awareness
    How can you increase your business exposure when consumers will not trust the words you put in your ads? help them by making it easier to find unbiased information about your business. At the same time, consumers love discounts and deals. AfterTry’s Deal Campaign will spread the words about your business and will bring in new customers.

    Protect Your Reputation
    It could take one malicious review or disgruntled consumer to destroy the reputation that took you decades to build. If there are not enough positive reviews to offset the occasional bad review, this can have a long lasting impression that will keep customers away. Contrary, If you have hundreds of reviews, a few negative reviews would have little or no impact on your overall rating.

    Spread Customer Reviews Across Review Websites and Apps
    Your business most likely have a different set of of ratings and reviews on different review platforms. This creates an inconsistent image of your product and brand. AfterTry helps businesses spread their ratings and reviews equally across review platforms.