How many different types of marketing campaigns do you offer?

We offer two different types of marketing campaigns:

  • Deal campaign
  • Review campaign

Please refer to the “Services” page for more information about each type of service.

Can we apply either for “Deal Campaign” or “Review Campaign” individually?

Typically, both the “Deal Campaign” and the “Review Campaign” are packaged as one, as both are required to complete our marketing cycle.  Also, we charge our clients per AfterTry marketing service, regardless of the type of campaigns.  Meaning there is no price reduction when applying to only one type of campaign. However, if for any reason you want to opt for only one type of campaign we will work with you.

What are the flaws and shortcomings of Daily Deal websites?

  • Many of Daily Deal users are “Deal-Hunters”. They exploit Daily Deal offers by going to a business once and never go back to pay full price. The next time they plan to go to a similar type business they will find another deal. Also higher-end venues are out of the price range of many deal hunters, and it is only with these deals that they can afford them; thus they will never go back again.
  • A large portion of the so called “new” customers they bring are business’s current customers, whom treat Daily Deals as a mere discount tool
  • Many local businesses fail to create enough repeat customer base to recoup the cost of running the Daily Deal promotion
  • Merchants get overwhelmed during period of redemption because they cannot handle the sudden influx of customers
  • Consumers are tired of receiving so many irrelevant offers day after day. Some feel remorse after making too many impulsive purchases.

Instead of offering gift cards for the whole store, can we target certain services/products?

In some cases we allow this, but in general we advice businesses against targeting specific services/products. Contact us to discuss your unique situation.

What is the minimum number of reviews I should get?

AfterTry recommends an absolute minimum of 100 reviews. Ideally the minimum starting number should be at least a few hundred, although our recommendation is 1000 reviews.  However, there is no maximum limit on how many reviews you can request.

How do I know if a review was submitted by my actual customer?

We authenticate transactions! When customers come to your store and decide to participate in the AfterTry promotion, they will be given a promotion slip. We authenticate customers’ purchases based on the promotion slip and the unique number associated with each promotion slip.

How do I know reviewers will provide good ratings?

We do not guarantee that consumers will always provide a positive review. However we do provide and enforce strict guidelines to ensure ratings and reviews are ACCURATE, and so people can clearly articulate why a certain rating or review is provided. If your business is worthy of a good review you have nothing to worry about. Even if you receive a few negative rating, the other hundreds of positive ratings will offset the outliers.

Note that consumers want to see negative reviews as well as positive reviews. If you do not have any negative reviews consumers will start questioning the integrity of the process. So, not all negatives reviews and ratings are bad for your business.

However, if for any reason, you do not like the collected ratings and reviews get displayed online, you can tell us and we will not display them online.

What kind of incentives do you offer people?

Incentives offered by AfterTry are gift cards or deal certificates to other local businesses.

How long does it take to complete an AfterTry campaign?

This partially depends on you, for example if you’d like your campaign to run for few weeks, several months, or a year. How long it takes is up to you.