AfterTry, Inc is an ambitious tech startup that has invented a new marketing tool for local businesses, which will revolutionize the industry. AfterTry helps local businesses increase their exposure, build reputation, and acquire new customers.

AfterTry understands challenges of local businesses, specifically the need for attracting new customers, and also the need for having a large online presence on rating and review platforms. In fact, these are the two areas that AfterTry focuses on.

Local businesses don’t just want new customers, they want new customers that will become repeat customers! This is something that industry leaders in the Daily Deal marketing segments cannot deliver. However, they are very good at bringing “deal-hunters”, “coupon-cutters”, and “one-time-diners” to your business, which you most likely want to avoid. Attracting new customers that have potential to turn into repeat customers is what AfterTry specializes in.

The current system of consumer ratings and reviews is half-baked at best. Most local businesses have zero or too few reviews, and their ratings vary significantly on different online review platforms. This is a lose-lose situation for both businesses and those consumers who are looking for accurate and unbiased ratings and reviews. Currently, businesses cannot get involved in the reviews process without appearing to bribe customers for reviews, and users would not trust those reviews if customers were directly incentivized by businesses.
Collecting hundreds of geniune and unbiased customer reviews in a short amount of time is what AfterTry specializes in.

AfterTry’s novel marketing approach fuses these two different business segments, and turns them into one unique solution, in which the two segments complement each other – they go together just like coffee and cream.

Businesses that participate in our marketing campaigns can expect:

  • Attain hundreds of new high-quality customers
  • Establish reputation quickly
  • Create/increase awareness
  • Protect reputation
  • Launch business with more success